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Textile Engineering

Subject Code Subject Name

Mechanisms of Yarn Manufacturing- I


Mechanisms of Fabric Manufacturing- I


Textile Fibers


Engineering Manufacturing Processes


Engineering Manufacturing Processes

4TE1A Mechanisms of Yarn Manufacturing – II
4TE2A Mechanisms of Fabric Manufacturing – II
4TE3A Weaving Preparation
4TE4A Fabric Designing
4TE5A Applied Mechanics
4TE6A Application of Electronics & Microprocessor
5TE1A Mechanisms of Yarn Manufacturing – III
5TE2A Mechanisms of Fabric Manufacturing – III
5TE3A Textile Testing – I
5TE4A Fibre Science - I
5TE5A Theory of Machines
5TE6.1A Practical Applications of Statistics
5TE6.2A Finance, Material and Human Resource Management
6TE1A Mechanisms of Yarn Manufacturing – IV
6TE2A Theory and design of Textile Machines
6TE3A Textile Testing – II
6TE4A Textile Chemical Processing
6TE5A Machine Design
6TE6.1A Knitting Technology
6TE6.2A Production & Operation Management
7TE1A Modern Spinning Machines
7TE2A Modern Weaving Machines
7TE3A Engineering of Textile Structures- I
7TE4A Fibre Science - II
7TE5A Production Planning and Quality Management
7TE6.1A Complex Textiles
7TE6.2A Advance Manufacturing Processes
8TE1A Spinning Technology
8TE2A Mill Organization, Costing & Economics
8TE3A Engineering of Textile Structures - II
8TE4.1A Modern Method of Yarn Production
8TE4.2A Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing

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