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Textile Chemistry

Subject Code Subject Name
3TC1A Textile Fibers
3TC2A Principles of Textile Manufacturing -I
3TC3A Physical Chemistry
3TC4A Introduction to wet processing
3TC5A Object Oriented Programming
3TC6A Advanced Engg. Mathematics-I
4TC1A Principles of Textile Manufacturing – II
4TC2A Analytical chemistry
4TC3A Theory of Dyeing
4TC4A Fabric Prepration
4TC5A Polymers and Extrusion
4TC6A Application of Electronics and Microprocessor in Textile Machines
5TC1A Textile Chemical Analysis
5TC2A Technology of Dyeing
5TC3A Textile Testing – I
5TC4A Structure and Properties of Fibers
5TC5A Chemistry of High Polymers
5TC6.1A Practical Application of Statistics
5TC6.2A Finance, Material and Human Resource Management
6TC1A Technology of Textile Printing
6TC2A Computer Color Matching
6TC3A Textile Testing – II
6TC4A Man made Fiber Production
6TC5A Chemistry of Intermediate and  Dyes
6TC6.1A Knitting Technology
6TC6.2A Unit Operations and Chemical Engineering
7TC1A Dyeing of Synthetics and Blends
7TC2A Technology of Finishing
7TC3A Engineering of Textile Structures – I
7TC4A Energy Conservation in wet Processing
7TC5A Pollution Control and Process House Management
7TC6.1A Wet Processing Machines
7TC6.2A Wet Processing of Wool
8TC1A Textile Auxilliaries
8TC2A Advancement in Textile Finishing
8TC3A Engineering of Textile Structures - II
8TC4.1A Technical Textiles
8TC4.2A Apparel Industry and Garment Processing

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